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It's a Playground Wellbeing Series 2022

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These online monthly Wellbeing Education and Mental Fitness Sessions will help you expand your knowledge on mental wellbeing, how to support yourself & others.
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Laura Rigden
Next available date:22nd August 2022
What happens in this class?

This programme has been developed to increase accessibility to mental fitness and wellbeing education sessions.

The monthly, online sessions are completely free to Lambeth Locals (anyone living or working in Lambeth) as a part of our "Locals Supporting Locals" work and are affordable for everyone outside of Lambeth.

You can now sign up for one or all of the remaining sessions this year.

The 60 minute session will be a blend of anonymous polls, videos, activities and chat engagement and will cover evidence-based content around the particular theme for the month.

It'll also be an opportunity to connect…

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What you will learn
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the topic
  • Learn about tools and tips related to the topic
  • A deeper insight into your own wellness behaviour
What you will need
  • You will be given an interactive PDF to use
  • If you'd like to print the PDF, please do so
  • Pen/pencil and paper for notes
Latest Reviews
5(2 reviews)
Katie - 11 July 2022
The course was very informative and interactive. I learned a lot of facts about mental health figures which really put in perspective how serious mental health is, and why it is such an important subject to be knowledgeable on. The text book is full of helpful information, contacts for local/national mental health information which I will use to refer back to. Thank you!
Anna Kosa - 16 February 2022
During this event I learnt ways to prioritise self care, check in on myself, reflect non judgementally and tweak as I go. Laura is a very very lovely instructor, super helpful. I am booking my next wellbeing session with her!
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